Ranju Bansal
Ranju Bansal
Advisory Board

Hello, my name is Ranju Bansal and I moved to Canada in 1985. I’ve learnt a lot through mine and my family’s ups and downs. I am a mother of three kids who deal with anxiety, so it has made me grow and want to get more involved in bringing awareness about diseases that don’t get talked about.

For the last 10 years, myself and a group of independent woman have been involved in IWINC – indian woman in Canada group, formally known as Minaaz ladies.

Got involved with First Lady indian consulate’s wife, helped her setup many Ayurvedic lectures and workshops.

I am very geared towards living a healthy balanced lifestyle as a means of preventative medicine.

For last 30 plus years my husband is involved with Toronto hospital Called Rouge Valley now known as Scarborough Hospital. As I am backing n involved with him.