Sugar Satyagraha

One of the most widespread lifestyle diseases in India is diabetes. Bad enough by itself, it leads to cardiac, liver and kidney ailments. When not properly managed, it becomes life threatening.

Integrative medicine combining Ayurveda-Yoga-Naturopathy provides effective ways to manage diabetes. That pre-diabetics become diabetic within a matter of 5-10 years is not widely known. Even less known is the fact that traditional medicine can prevent pre-diabetics from becoming diabetic. Even those with diabetes can be managed with minimal side effects.

Sugar Satyagraha is an ambitious project. It aims to spread awareness widely, facilitate large scale screening in health centres, and direct pre-diabetics and diabetics to their nearest centres of traditional medicine. The programme has been designed in association with the Sri Aurobindo Society and S-VYASA. A pilot study of over 3000 individuals has concluded.